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IMA Properties - Since 2015

We Buying, Selling, Renting, Leasing and Developing In Bangladesh or UK

About Us

IMA properties is an independent real estate agent in Bangladesh to support and help Bangladeshi people in the uk and Europe for the purpose of selling renting leasing property or land in Bangladesh.

We provide our representative with strong support to find real value for our client with full satisfaction.

Our aim to build client confident by the way of our most creative and innovative service .Zafar Ahammed as a ceo of the company has a real estate business experience and involve with its activities since 2009 and vice-chairman of the Quest real estate ltd in bangladesh.

Mr. Ahammed also successfully completed global business administration course from anglia polytechnic university in the uk and established own business consultant firm under the name of the imacom limited. We are helping bangladeshi people in the uk since 2015. We are committed to the best possible service

Why should you trust IMA properties with your property?
  • We have been applying UK guidance in our project.
  • We want to ensure full satisfaction of our customers and business partners.
  • Our experience in the real estate industry helps us to maximize the value of your land and ensure the security of your asset.
  • We treat landowners like as a business partners.
  • We have a specialized customer service team that also tends to our landowners.
  • Prepared with modern facilities we build using the latest architectural designs and construction methods, IMA properties Ltd. brings to you the World best building in your own land.